With our extensive knowledge of embedded systems and their unique requirements, we can provide a comprehensive software service to enable us to achieve complete solutions.

Our range of standard software products gives a good base for most customers for a wide variety of activities. The addition of more custom software services allows for shorter time to market and great flexibility.

In addition to embedded systems we have specialised knowledge in:

We provide software support for customers developing their applications on a variety of systems. Assistance can range from simple email queries to full development of solutions from initial concept.

Customisable-off-the-shelf Modules (COTS Modules)

We offer a selection of COTS software modules for most aspects of embedded systems on ARM processors.

This allows the flexibility to either write a custom application more rapidly or add feature enhancements to existing applications.

A selection of these modules includes video drivers, USB stack, Ethernet drivers, efficient memory allocators and other optimised support routines. Please contact Simtec for more details as we will almost certainly be able to provide a solution to meet your requirements.

Customised operating system

We can provide support for numerous operating systems and assist in application design and implementation on those OS. Some OS that customers have had a requirement for include Windows CE, Linux, NetBSD and RISC OS. We have a modular boot loader available which enables these operating systems to be started readily either in a development or production environment as required.

Software services can also assist if you decide to use Open Source solutions. In the current marketplace these often allow for rapid development with very low per unit costs. We have a long term commitment to these open source products having ported Linux to all of our development boards and assisted in the porting of several other Operating systems including NetBSD to both our 7500 and Strong ARM evaluation boards.

We can also provide for solutions which involve CPUs with no MMU using μCLinux.

Full Bespoke

Sometimes an operating system is too large and COTS Modules simply do not cover your requirements. In this situation we can provide a full bespoke service to cover your exact requirements. We can assist in any stage of the project and indeed run the entire software project once a specification has been agreed. This enables the customer to have greater flexibility in how a project is constructed and delivered. Where necessary this can be combined with a hardware design