Support Overview

Simtec offer a range of support options for their products. Simtec also provide a range of consulting services if assistance with product development is required.

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Bronze support is freely available. It is our most basic level of support and primarily consists of "self help" resources. All products will retain this level of support.
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Silver support is a per instance service where customer queries are answered in a timely manner.
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Gold support is our premium service representing value for money for those customers with a larger support requirement. It includes all silver level services but also has telephone instance support.
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Platinum support is our highest level of support. It represents a completely bespoke package tailored to the customer's exact requirements.
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Product Resources

Resources for Simtec products.
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Frequently asked questions about Simtec products.
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User Account

Some support services require a user account. Any customer may register an account which allows them to submit product support incidents and gain access to aditional services.

If you cannot find what you need please contact us.