About Simtec

Simtec Electronics started trading in 1990 in Tarleton, Lancashire, a rural area in the North West of England.

The first products that we produced were memory upgrades for Acorn Computer's range of ARM based computers, followed by processor upgrades and expansion cards. Most of these products are still available today, although some of them have finally been discontinued.

Key developments in the early 1990's, include our first ARM processor design, our ARM3 upgrade in 1992 and in 1996 the Hydra multi-processor system for the RISC PC computer - probably the first multi-processor ARM system.

In 1998 we produced our first evaluation board, the EB110ATX supporting both NetBSD and ARMLinux. Subsequent designs included EP7500 based evaluation boards, SA110 based processor modules and SA110 based multi-processor systems.

More recently we have moved to offer a wide range of embedded development and integrator solutions. We have also developed a new generation of processor modules.

As well as offering these standard products, we now offer a range of services covering all aspects of the design process. These services include: