StrongARM 110 Evaluation Board Introduction

Rear view of the SA 110 Evaluation BoardThe StrongARM 110 Evaluation Board is a an ATX footprint motherboard, based around the Intel 21281 SA110 StrongARM, the 21285 support chip and the Acer Labs M1543c south bridge. The board is supplied with a pre-patched Linux kernel, Debian GNU/Linux distribution and a number of customised Linux-based images.

Hardware Description

Standard board features include:

Further information on the hardware specification are available.

Software Description

The board is supplied complete with our ABLE firmware, ready to boot your chosen operating system. The support CD supplied with the board contains:

Linux kernel patches are integrated in the official maintainer tree and Debian boot images are included in the official debian CDs.


Adding expansion cards and peripherals to the board allows many possible systems to be prototyped. For example, adding RAM, a network card and graphics card produces a network computer. Alternatively, a hard drive and a network card produces a network attached storage device. Other possibilities are:

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