Software icon Simtec can provide a wide range of software products including bootloaders, modular software components and operating system drivers and porting. In addition to our software products our software services allow us to meet any additional or bespoke customer needs.

Operating systems

Simtec have a commitment to providing a high level of support for several operating systems. Simtec provide resources to the Open Source community in addition to our own direct kernel porting and driver writing work.

Simtec also recognise the need for proprietary operating systems in some areas and provide resources for Windows CE.

Simtec operating system resources:

Linux tux mascot Simtec Linux resources.
uCLinux tux mascot Simtec μCLinux resources.
Debian Swirl logo Simtec Debian resources.
NetBSD Demon logo Simtec NetBSD resources.
OpenBSD Blowfish logo Simtec OpenBSD resources.
Windows(R) CE(TM) logo Simtec Windows® CE™ resources.

Standard software

Simtec software resources:

Able ABLE modular boot loader.
Cyclone Cyclone boot loader for EB110ATX (CATS).
USB Embedded host controller USB stack.

Customisable-off-the-shelf Modules

Simtec have a large library of software modules which may be combined and customised to meet customer requirements as part of our software services.