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AN0001 - Four Port Serial Adapter for the EB675001DIP

Fully realised project

This application note describes the addition of a quad serial controller to the EB675001 Module.

AN0002 - Attaching an LCD module to the EB675001DIP

3D board view for the LCD module to EB675001DIP application note

This application note describes the addition of a HD44780 type LCD module to a EB675001DIP module.

AN0004 - IDE interface for the EB675001DIP

3D rendering of the board

This application note describes the addition of a parallel IDE port to the EB675001DIP module

AN0005 - Three channel H bridge motor driver for the EB675001DIP

3D board view for the EB675001DIP three channel pwm motor driver

This application note describes the connection of three H bridge drivers to the EB675001DIP module.

AN0007 - Attaching a GPS module to the EB675001DIP

3d view of the board

This application note describes the addition of a GPS reciver to the EB675001DIP Module.

AN0013 - TV video output for the EB675001DIP

Completed real AN0013 circuit board

This application note describes creating a dumb framebuffer with PAL composite TV output. It uses a minimal number of additional components above an SRAM to store the video data and a shift register for the output.

AN0014 - Acessing General Purpose I/O from Linux

This application note describes how General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins may be manipulated, from Linux, on various Simtec products.

AN0016 - Adding an MMC card slot to the EB2410ITX

Schematic layout

The EB2410ITX is equipped with a smartmedia socket for flash memory expansion. Recently however the SD/MMC standard has become more prevalent. This application note describes a method for adding an MMC card slot to this board.

AN0017 - A Programmers Bookshelf


We are often asked by our customers what books we recommend for various areas of computing. This is a very hard question because may areas of "embedded" computing cross large swathes of computer science and require knowledge in several fields. Because of these issues its very hard to give recommendations so instead heres a novel approach to the question we hope you will find useful.


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