Complete Solutions

Simtec can assist with every stage of product development

With our knowledge of both the hardware and software we have the ability to optimise the overall design providing a superior solution.

Concept development

Simtec's extensive experience assists in judging the feasibility and flexibility of solutions which enables us to assist the customer in reaching the optimal product brief in the shortest time

Development planning

Simtec can assist the client in planning the project and selecting the appropriate development phases. Simtec can also assist in defining what are the core areas of a solution and where careful design and planning may allow for feature extensions to be added in an optional phased manner.

Proof of concept

Simtec realise that often a client will need a "proof of concept" system which they can use to demonstrate the technology and concepts involved in the selected solution. Simtec can assist with creating these projects by customising our off the shelf products and software.

Hardware design

Simtec have full in house hardware design capabilities allowing the deign of fully custom solutions or simpler module based solutions.

Software implementation

Simtec have a flexible and highly skilled software group which is capable of approaching a wide range of software projects.


Simtec have full in house production capabilities for small and medium run hardware manufacture and can manage large volume production if required. Our facilities include complete board test and software programing to ensure the highest quality and ultra low failure rate.