Cirrus 7500FE Evaluation Board Introduction

View of the front left of the boardThe EB7500ATX evaluation board is an ATX footprint motherboard, based around the Cirrus Logic EP7500FE system-on-chip. The board is supplied with a pre-patched Linux kernel, Debian GNU/Linux distribution and a number of customised Linux-based images.

Hardware Description

Standard features include:

156Mhz is the manufacturers highest specification on this part, In our experience these parts are reliable at 64Mhz operation, this frequency may be requested when ordering.

2EDO memory is recomended and may be run at 50,60 or 70ns depending on parts used. Simms from Cruicial and Dabs have been used successfully.

Full specification [PDF] further information on the hardware specification is available.

Software Description

The board is supplied complete with our ABLE firmware, ready to boot your chosen operating system. The support CD supplied with the board contains:

Linux kernel patches are integrated in the official maintainer tree and Debian boot images are included in the official debian CDs.


Adding expansion cards and peripherals to the board allows many possible systems to be prototyped. For example, adding RAM and a case produces a network computer. Alternatively, a hard drive produces a network attached storage device.

If the standard product does not meet your needs exactly, Simtec can provide custom hardware and software solutions.

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