Press Room

Resources for the press including Logos and policy on image reuse.

Product Images

Some products have an image gallery, Simtec Electronics retain copyright on these images but license is granted to third parties to use the images to provide information on a product providing the images source is fully acknowledged.

The product images provided at 1600x1200 pixel resolution should be used for print, if higher resolution or 35mm negatives are required these may be obtained from Simtec for a small handling fee, please contact us for more details.

Company Logo

The company logotype is available both in formats suitable for web and print.

Web Graphics

Use the exact GIF or TIFF files provided. Do not resize the logo or place it on any background colour except White (255, 255, 255) #FFFFFF.

Altering the logo is not permitted, some unauthorised uses of the logo graphics provided are:

Black on white GIF format
[1600x450] [800x225] [400x112] [200x56]
White on black GIF format
[1600x450] [800x225] [400x112] [200x56]
Black on white TIFF format
[1600x450] [800x225] [400x112] [200x56]

Print Graphics

The Postscript version of the logo may be scaled provided anti-aliasing is used and the aspect ratio remains unchanged.

Black on white encapsulated postscript format
Scalable EPS