ABLE Bootloader Introduction

ABLE LogoABLE is a portable modular boot loader for use in applications where an OS must be retrieved and started. ABLE provides extended functionality providing modules for a command line, video consoles, serial consoles, network booting and numerous other facilities.

Software Description

ABLE is a modular system allowing customers to select their required features without the overhead of unrequired components.

ABLE is intended to be customised for a specific application allowing for a variety of uses. While it is not a true OS it has the option of running "user" code in a fixed environment that enables end users to avoid having to implement large amounts of functionality.

ABLE has a flexible licensing model that can be tailored to each customers needs, both binary builds and source licences are available. Please refer to the availability page for more details.

Module list

Core Modules

These modules provide core functionality for other components

Filesystem modules

These modules rely on the core filesystem support to be included

OS loaders

Network modules

These modules rely on the core networking support to be included

Console modules

Hardware drivers

Note network drivers are not listed here

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