Simtec Electronics

Simtec Electronics is a full solutions provider with a proven track record of helping clients with all aspects of a project, from initial concept and design through to manufacturing finished product.

With 20 years in the industry, and producing ARM CPU modules since 1992, our wide experience in embedded systems and the Linux kernel provide a strong base on which to build custom hardware and software solutions, from the smallest of USB devices to the largest complex Linux systems.

Our custom-off-the-shelf (COTS) design service, utilising a range of pre-designed modules of various functions, allows for rapid design and prototype turnaround, reducing time-to-market. Our bespoke product design service allows customers to specify more complex systems which have requirements beyond the capability of our pre-designed modules.

We are able to take a project concept and work with the customer to produce everything from specifications to PCB artwork. Our in-house manufacturing capability then allows us to produce any amount of physical product from a single prototype through to production runs of tens of thousands of boards.

Simtec also provide a full software development consultancy with an extensive range of products from boot loaders to full Linux based operating system environments and a range of development boards showcasing Simtec's modular designs. With this, Simtec can provide both the hardware and the software elements of customer projects, reducing out-sourcing complexity and enabling seamless integration.

Product Focus

Image of DePicture touchscreen tablet
DePicture Zigbee enabled touch-screen tablet.