Part III. External Command Reference

Part III lists the external commands available. The commands have their own documentation in addition to that provided here.

Each command is documented in the standard UNIX® manual page layout. The page is separated into several parts:


The name of the command and its purpose.


Command synopsis which may illustrate several invocations.


This part is only present if the command has arguments. The command arguments are listed together with a description.


Describes the detailed use of the command.

See also

This optional section gives references to other commands which may be relevant.

Conventions used in this part:

  • command text.
  • {arguments} within { } are required.
  • replaceable text for arguments.
  • [arguments] within [ ] are optional.
  • argument | argument separated by | cannot be used together.
  • argument... is repeatable
  • [expression]... entire expression is repeatable.

Table 10. Commands in alphabetical order

display(1)Display bitmap images on a framebuffer.
fbset(1)Set a framebuffers video mode and timings.

Table of Contents

17. Framebuffer commands
display — Display a bitmap image on framebuffer.
fbset — Set a framebuffers video mode and timings.
18. I2C commands
i2c-rd — Read from an I2C® device.
i2c-wr — Write to an I2C® device.
i2c-scan — Scan all available I2C busses for devices.
19. Miscellaneous commands
ablefis — Flash Information Services (FIS) tool for ABLE.
batty — Hardware unit test tool for ABLE.
detect-large-nand — Shows if boot NAND device has 128KiB blocks.