fbset — Set a framebuffers video mode and timings.


fbset [-s, --show] [-i, --info] [-d, --dev device] [-x, --xres x] [-y, --yres y] [--depth depth] [--list] [--help] [--version] mode


-d, --device

The output device on which to set the parameters. This defaults to (fb0)

-s, --show

Show current settings this is the default if no other option is set.

-i, --info

Show framebuffer information.

-x, --xres

x resolution to set.

-y, --yres

y resolution to set.


The depth in bits per pixel (1,2,4,8,16 and 32 are the common values).


List all the built in modes.


fbset short helptext and exit


fbset commands version and exit


The fbset tool is used to set a framebuffers video mode and timings. The tool has an internal list of suitable default video modes which can be selected by name.

Example 17.2. Using the fbset command

This shows using the fbset command to set an 800 x 600 mode at 60Hz refresh and 16 bits per pixel.

>fbset --depth 16 800x600-60
>fbset --show 
mode "800x600-60"
    # D: 40.000 MHz, H: 37.878 KHz, V: 60.315 Hz,
    geometry 800 600 0 0 8 
    timings 25000 88 40 23 1 128 4

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