detect-large-nand — Shows if boot NAND device has 128KiB blocks.


detect-large-nand [-c chip] [-v, --version]



Select the chip to examine defaults to 0.

-v, --version

Show detect-large-nand version and exit.


Detect-Large-Nand is an ABLE tool which will return zero (success) if the primary NAND device in a system has 2048 byte pages. It will return one (failure) if the NAND device has 512 byte pages, and two (error) if some issue prevents the tool from detecting the NAND properly. Possible errors encountered by the tool include being unable to detect a NAND chip, being unable to identify the hardware type, or being too old a version of detect-large-nand to recognise a particular NAND device.

The latest version is usually available either from the ABLE support page or the specific board support page on the Simtec Electronics website.

Example 19.11. Using detect-large-nand from the command line

NAND: Boot configuration 1
NAND: Scan found ID ec,da
NAND: Scan found ID 00,00
NAND: Chip is unknown
NAND: Scan found ID 00,00
NAND: Chip is unknown
SUCCESS Found large page NAND
>echo $?