Chapter 9. Core Commands

Table of Contents

autoboot — Attempt to locate and boot suitable images automatically.
console — Controls ABLE console.
date — Show the current real time clock date and time.
dev — Manipulate and display the ABLE device tree.
help — Display help on built in commands
history — Lists the commands in the command line history.
hwinfo — Print hardware information.
meminfo — Shows memory information.
modules — List ABLE modules
mutexes — Display the internal mutual exclusion states for ABLE.
passwd — Alter ABLE interactive shell passwd
pmu — Power management control
reset — Reset machine
sbcd — Manipulates the board configuration data.
setdate — Sets the date in the real time clock
setopt — Sets device options.
settime — Sets the real time clock
shadow — Moves ABLE into RAM
showhz — Shows how long a system has been running
sysmsg — Show system messages.
sysspeed — Sets the system clockspeed
tasks — Displays task threads currently running on system.
uname — Print system identification
version — Display ABLE shell version

These are the core commands available from the shell command line of ABLE from version 2.20 and later.