2.5. Edge connector

The IM2440D20 edge connections are JEDEC standard 200pin SODIMM compatible. The connector is keyed to 2.5V and any suitable SODIMM socket may be used.

Figure 2.4. Edge connector placement

Edge connector placement

These connectors provide all the I/O signals to expand the use of the module. For full details the IM2440D20 Connector and link pinouts document should be consulted, this contains addition information and comments relevant to using this product.

Table 2.1. 200 way edge connector PL1

Output supply from moduleVOUT12GNDGround
Inverted read enablenFRE34ALENAND address latch enable
NAND Inverted write enablenFWE56CLENAND Command latch enable
Third NAND chip selectnFCE278R/nBNAND ready/not busy
Data bus bit 0D0910D16Data bus bit 16
Data bus bit 1D11112D17Data bus bit 17
Data bus bit 2D21314D18Data bus bit 18
Data bus bit 3D31516D19Data bus bit 19
Data bus bit 4D41718D20Data bus bit 20
Data bus bit 5D51920D21Data bus bit 21
Data bus bit 6D62122D22Data bus bit 22
Data bus bit 7D72324D23Data bus bit 23
Data bus bit 8D82526D24Data bus bit 24
Data bus bit 9D92728D25Data bus bit 25
Data bus bit 10D102930D26Data bus bit 26
Data bus bit 11D113132D27Data bus bit 27
Data bus bit 12D123334D28Data bus bit 28
Data bus bit 13D133536D29Data bus bit 29
Data bus bit 14D143738D20Data bus bit 20
Data bus bit 15D153940D31Data bus bit 31
First inverted write byte enablenWBE04344BUF_ENBuffer enable
Second inverted write byte enablenWBE14546BUF_DIRBuffer direction
Third inverted write byte enablenWBE24748PWR_ENPower good output
Forth inverted write byte enablenWBE34950nRESETInverted reset output
Inverted I/O wait signalnWAIT5152nCS1First inverted chip select
Inverted sixteen bit access selectnIOCS165354nCS2Second inverted chip select
Inverted read selectnRD5556nCS3Third inverted chip select
Inverted write selectnWR5758nCS4Fourth inverted chip select
GroundGND5960nCS5Fifth inverted chip select
Address bus bit 0A06162A15Address bus bit 15
Address bus bit 1A16364A16Address bus bit 16
Address bus bit 2A26566A17Address bus bit 17
Address bus bit 3A36768A18Address bus bit 18
Address bus bit 4A46970A19Address bus bit 19
Address bus bit 5A57172A20Address bus bit 20
Address bus bit 6A67374A21Address bus bit 21
Address bus bit 7A77576A22Address bus bit 22
Address bus bit 8A87778A23Address bus bit 23
Address bus bit 9A97980A24Address bus bit 24
Address bus bit 10A108182A25Address bus bit 25
Address bus bit 11A118384A26Address bus bit 26
Address bus bit 12A128586TCLK0Timer 0 output
Address bus bit 13A138788TOUT0First PWM output
Address bus bit 14A148990TOUT1Second PWM output
GroundGND9192TOUT2Third PWM output
First DMA acknowledgeDACK09394TOUT3Fourth PWM output
First DMA requestDREQ09596DACK1Second DMA acknowledge
I2S left right selectI2S_LRCLK9798DREQ1Second DMA request
I2S clockI2S_CLK99100EINT0External interrupt 0
I2S command/data selectI2S_CDCLK101102EINT1External interrupt 1
I2S serial data inI2S_SDI103104EINT2External interrupt 2
I2S serial data outI2S_SD0105106EINT3External interrupt 3
SD card clockSDCLK107108EINT4External interrupt 4
SD card commandSDCMD109110EINT5External interrupt 5
SD card first data lineSDDATA0111112EINT6External interrupt 6
SD card second data lineSDDATA1113114EINT7External interrupt 7
SD card third data lineSDDATA2115116EINT8External interrupt 8
SD card fourth data lineSDDATA3117118EINT9External interrupt 9
SPI bus master in slave outSPIMISO119120EINT10External interrupt 10
SPI bus master out slave inSPIMOSI121122EINT11External interrupt 11
SPI bus clockSPICLK123124EINT12External interrupt 12
I2C bus clockSCL125126EINT13External interrupt 13
I2C bus dataSDA127128EINT14External interrupt 14
GroundGND129130EINT15External interrupt 15
Line endLEND131132EINT16External interrupt 16
Video clockVCLK133134RTS1Second serial port request to send
Horizontal syncHS135136CTS1Second serial port clear to send
Vertical syncVS137138EINT19External interrupt 19
Video data enableDE/VM139140CTS0First serial port clear to send
Video data 0VD0141142RTS0First serial port request to send
Video data 1VD1143144TX0First serial transmit
Video data 2VD2145146RX0First serial receive
Video data 3VD3147148TX1Second serial transmit
Video data 4VD4149150RX1Second serial receive
Video data 5VD5151152TX2Third serial transmit
Video data 6VD6153154RX2Third serial receive
Video data 7VD7155156VOUTOutput supply from module
Video data 8VD8157158GNDGround
Video data 9VD9159160ADC0Analog input 0
Video data 10VD10161162ADC1Analog input 1
Video data 11VD11163164ADC2Analog input 2
Video data 12VD12165166ADC3Analog input 3
Video data 13VD13167168ADC4Analog input 4
Video data 14VD14169170ADC5Analog input 5
Video data 15VD15171172ADC6Analog input 6
Video data 16VD16173174ADC7Analog input 7
Video data 17VD17175176GNDGround
Video data 18VD18177178DN0USB first channel data negative
Video data 19VD19179180DP0USB first channel data positive
Video data 20VD20181182DN1USB second channel data negative
Video data 21VD21183184DP1USB second channel data positive
Video data 22VD22185186nTRSTInverted tap reset
Video data 23VD23187188TDITap data input
GroundGND189190TMSTap mode select
Real time clock supplyVCC_RTC191192TCKTap clock
Power supplyVIN193194TDOTap data out
Power supplyVIN195196nRESETInverted reset input
Power supplyVIN197198GNDPower ground
Power supplyVIN199200GNDPower ground