2.4. Power Supply

The module is powered from four input pins (VIN) from which it generates all necessary internal voltages. This is achieved with a Texas Instruments TPS65011, this device is controlled from the CPU by using the I2C bus and is at address 0x24.

The nominal input operating voltages are 3.3 to 5V with a 5% tolerance. The absolute maximum ratings are 3.15V to 5.5V. The modules typical power consumption is 0.5W (150mA at 3.3V) when operating in a normal configuration at 400MHz.

The two VOUT pins provide output supply from the modules internal main power bus. The main bus is configured to default to 3.0V operation (this still lies within the typical 10% margin allowed for supplies on 3.3V devices) which saves power and gives a wider input operating voltage.

The VOUT output may be used to supply up to 300mA at 3.3V absolute maximum. The output must not be connected to the input supply or damage will occur. The output voltage will never exceed the input supply despite the output voltage selection.

The modules main supply voltage may be altered to one of 3.3, 3.0, 2.75 or 2.5V once the system is running, however correct module operations for settings below 3.0V are not guaranteed.