2.2. OKI ML675001 MCU

The ML675001 is a 144-pin plastic LFBGA System on Chip from OKI Semiconductor. The large number of peripherals within the device give flexibility to the user and the ability to use numerous I/O solutions without additional controllers.

The ML675001 does not have a traditional MMU and lacks the ability to operate with virtual memory, because of this only Operating systems which do not require an MMU, such as uCLinux, are suitable for use with this processor.

To improve performance the ML675001 has a cache controller which allows for greatly improved performance over devices without such capabilities.

The ML675001DIP has a number of flexible peripherals and interfaces, these are summarised as follows:

Most of these features are directly available to the user of the EB675001DIP and where appropriate have suitable external devices connected for extended functionality. The connection of the external devices are described in the remainder of this chapter.

For further details on the ML675001 please consult the OKI ML675001 User manual.