Chapter 1. Overview

The EB675001DIP has a user programable CPLD (Xilinx XC9572XL). This device may be reprogrammed in ciruit without the use of additional JTAG programmer hardware. Reprogramming is performed by the PlayXSVF utility.

The Simtec Electronics Advanced Boot Load Enviroment (ABLE) supports the execution of external utilities. The PlayXSVF utility uses this feature. Typical operation is to run the utility from a tftp server and obtain the XSVF file to program from the same source.

The generation of an XSVF file from the Impact utility (as provided in webpack 6.1) is discussed in some detail in the Chapter 2, Generating XSVF. The main points to note in the generating of the XSVF file is that the JTAG chain contains three devices, the OKI ML675001, the system CPLD and the User CPLD. The User CPLD should be the only device reprogrammed or irreprable damage may be caused to the EB675001DIP.