About this document. This document describes the Simtec Electronics Advanced Boot Load Environment (ABLE) which provides a flexible environment for both experimentation and integrator solutions.

Intended Audience. This document is aimed at anyone using the ABLE bootloader. The first part is more useful to the beginner but the reference parts allow the book to remain useful to the more experienced user.

Chapter Summary. 

Chapter 1, Overview

Gives an outline of what functions ABLE does and does not provide and a brief discussion of possible features.

Chapter 2, Getting Started

Gives an introduction to the facilities of ABLE and methods for interacting with the bootloader.

Chapter 3, Command Line Interface

Gives a comprehensive guide to using the in built command line interface.

Chapter 4, The ABLE shell

Provides a guide to the use of the ABLE shell.

Chapter 5, ABLE Console

Shows how ABLE communicates with the user and how that is controlled.

Chapter 6, Starting an Operating System

Shows how Operating systems may be started. Including how OS are located and identified both for manual and automated loading.

Chapter 7, Networking

Gives details on how to configure network interfaces from ABLE

Chapter 8, Upgrading

Gives details on how to upgrade the bootloader.

Part II, “Built-in Command Reference”

Is a complete reference to all the built in commands within ABLE.

Appendix A, Non-Volatile Variables Reference

Is a complete reference to all the non volatile variables available within ABLE.

Acknowledgements. Several people contributed to the creation of this book in various ways. I would especially like to thank R. Parry and M Gillard for proofreading.

Feedback. Any suggestions, comments or corrections concerning this document are welcomed, please contact Simtec Electronics giving:

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