Chapter 6. Starting an Operating System

Table of Contents

6.1. Data sources
6.2. Alias sources
6.3. Network sources
6.4. XModem source
6.5. Navigating a filesystem
6.6. How ABLE identifies files.
6.6.1. ABLE shell script
6.6.2. ABLE executable
6.6.3. ARM Linux zImage
6.6.4. ELF and AOUT files
6.6.5. UNIX Compress files
6.6.6. Gzip files
6.6.7. Images, text and data files
6.6.8. Motorola S-Record
6.7. Starting an Operating System
6.7.1. The "setargs, load and boot" method
6.7.2. The "command line" method
6.8. Starting an Operating System Automatically

ABLE is a powerful tool but its ultimate aim is simply to obtain the operating system image and start its execution with the appropriate parameters. This chapter shows how to use ABLE to achieve this aim using the Command Line Interface.