tasks — Displays task threads currently running on system.




ABLE runs several threads to control various hardware devices. This command displays the currently running threads.

The information is presented in a tabular form. The columns are:

Task name and address
Priority of execution
Current state
Register context block
Time thread was last scheduled

The scheduling for the threads is a simple “round robin” method which suffices for ABLE requirements.

Example 45. Using the tasks command

This example shows the tasks command when run on a EB2410ITX. The showhz command is used to show the current system time which is the same as used in the “Last Run” column. It shows the Ethernet PHY control task, the USB host controller driver, the reaper task to clean up after other tasks, the init task which starts the system and the main task which typically runs the autoboot or interactive shell.

>showhz ; tasks ; showhz
HZ: 13e6034 (208650 seconds)
                 Task Priority  State   Regs     Last Run
--------------------- --------  ------- -------- --------
 ax88796-mii e0369794 00000000  r---y-  e03697d0 013e604e
      usb-hc e036c934 00100000  r---y-  e036c970 013e6057
      reaper e03c1a54 00000100  r---y-  e03c1a90 013e6060
        init e03c7de4 10000000  r-----  e03c7e20 013e6068
        main e03c7f34 7f000000  r-----  e03c7f70 013e6071
HZ: 13e607a (208651 seconds)