man — Manual page display


man {command}



Name of command to display man page for


This command displays the manual page for a specified command. The manual pages are generated directly from the ABLE reference documentation and formatted for 80 column output. The output is stored on an ABLE accessible filesystem and and displayed with the ABLE pager. The pager output can be aborted with q.

Example 36. Using the man command

This example shows the man command used to get the manual page of the file command.

FILE(1)                   File manipulation commands                   FILE(1)

       file - Tests each argument in an attempt to classify it.

       file [-i, --mime] [--help] [--version] file...

       -i, --mime Causes the file command to output mime type strings rather
       than the more traditional human readable ones.

       --help display short helptext and exit

       --version display commands version and exit

       The file command examines a given file and tries to determine the files
       type. The underlying detection code is the same as that used by ABLE
       when determining how to load and execute files, this is useful if the
       user wishes to check ABLE is correctly determining a files type.
       Example 48. Using the file command to determine filetypes.


This command is only available on a limited number of platforms due to the size of the manual files required.