display — Display and image on console.


console [-d, --device device] [-x x] [-y y] [-w, --width width] [-h, --height height] [--delay time] [--help] [--version] file...


-d, --device

console device on which to plot image.


x co-ordinate to place image on screen.


y co-ordinate to place image on screen.

-w, --width

width of image on screen.

-h, --height

height of image on screen.


time to delay between displaying each image.


display short helptext and exit


display commands version and exit


This command displays an image on screen if it is one of the recognised formats. The currently supported image formats are BMP and PGM.

Example 32. Using the display command

This shows using the console command on the EB2410ITX to find a suitable output device and then using that driver to display a bitmap file from a tftp server.

>console -d
(rw--)  (s3c2410_serial1)
(-w-a)  s3c2410x-video
(r---)  usbkbd
(rw--)  multi
(rw--)  null
(-w--)  all-wr
(r---)  all-rd
(rw--)  serial
(rw--)  (s3c2410_serial2)
(rw--)  (s3c2410_serial0)
>display -d s3c2410x-video (tftpboot)logo.bmp

Simtec logo displayed with the display command on an EB2410ITX video console