Debugging commands

These are commands used to debug issues with ABLE and manipulating specific system functions. Some of these commands may not be available in all configurations and platforms.

Table of Contents

bast-at — Perform an audio test.
bast-at2 — Perform BAST audio test copies the line in to the line out
bast-hdlcd — Manipulate an HD44780 attached to the EB2410ITX LCD Module port.
dmcfg-rd — Debug command to read Davicom EEPROM
dmcfg-wr — Debug command to write Davicom EEPROM
dump — Displays an area of memory in hex dump
memset — Set range of memory to a specific value.
peek — Examine memory location
pic-rd — Read a value to the PMU PIC
pic-wr — Write a value to the PMU PIC
poke — Poke memory location
tick — Check system timing.
vtp1 — Video test pattern
vtp2 — Video test pattern
vtp3 — Video test pattern
vtp4 — Video test pattern
vtp5 — Video test pattern