1.1. Kit contents

1.1.1. CD-ROM
1.1.2. EB675001DIP Development board

The EB675001DIP is a comprehensive ARM computing platform. The Kit contains:

1.1.1. CD-ROM

The CD-ROM contains:

  • A copy of all the freely available documentation, including this user guide.

  • Datasheets for all major components used

  • uCLinux distribution

  • x86 cross building toolchain for GNU/Linux

  • ABLE bootloader

The toolchain contains a GCC compiler, assembler and linker suitable for cross compiling ARM binaries from an x86 machine running GNU/Linux.

1.1.2. EB675001DIP Development board

The EB675001DIP board (gold specification) has the following major components:

  • OKI ML675001 MCU

  • 32MB SDRAM

  • 16MBit NOR Flash

  • 8Kbit I2C EEPROM

  • Xilinx XL9572XL CPLD

  • 10/100MBit Ethernet controller

  • 9pin D-sub RS232 port

  • JTAG header

  • 30 5V tolerant GPIO or special function lines

  • 40 IO lines from Xilinx XL9572XL CPLD

  • Wide input voltage regulator