2.5. JTAG

The S3C2410 and the system CPLD are connected to a single JTAG chain. The JTAG chain is available from this 0.1inch 20way connector and allows reprogramming of the user CPLD and ICE debugging of the processor. This connector has the standard ARM Multi-ICE pinout so most JTAG debuggers will be compatible.

Figure 2.3. JTAG connector

JTAG connector

Table 2.1. JTAG connector PL18

13.3V3.3V supply
23.3V3.3V supply
3nTRSTInverted Tap reset
4GNDSignal Ground
5TDIData In
6GNDSignal Ground
8GNDSignal Ground
10GNDSignal Ground
11RCLKReturn clock, pulled down with 390ohm to ground
12GNDSignal Ground
13TDOTap data out
14GNDSignal Ground
15nSRSTInverted system reset
16GNDSignal Ground
17N/CNot connected
18GNDSignal Ground
19N/CNot connected
20GNDSignal Ground

The JTAG chain on the EB2410ITX is connected to the S3C2410 and system CPLD. Because of this care should be taken to ensure the system CPLD is placed in bypass. BSDL files are available from Samsung for the S3C2410 and Xilinx for the CPLD device.