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Some boards are fitted with NAND flash memory and the processor configured to boot directly from the NAND flash, the CPU reads the first 4KB into its internal SRAM and commences execution.

The Initial Program Loader (IPL) retrieves the full module firmware (usually ABLE), from a JFFS2 boot partition on the start of the flash, into SDRAM and executes it.

The IPL scans the boot partition for files in order bootimg.000, bootimg.001 etc. The first boot image which is successfully loaded is executed. If no valid boot image can be found the IPL will attempt to X-modem an image file from the primary serial port of the S3C2440.

The IPL may be upgraded from ABLE by using the NFWrite tool. The command to execute would be

nfwrite -c0 -f -v (tftpboot)s3c2410x-generic-nfhead-250.bin 0-0

The current version of the IPL is 2.50. The changelog details the changes in this release.

Before upgrading please ensure any changes are suitable for your requirements. Updating the IPL should not be done without a specific reason as a failure will require reprogramming either with JTAG or return to Simtec. Simtec try to ensure there are no regressions from release to release, however it is the users responsibility to ensure that there are no issues with a given release which may adversely affect them.

Initial Program Loader binary suitable for writing into flash with the NFWrite tool (or if needed, with a JTAG programmer). Initial Program Loader Binary file
MD5Sum of the Initial Program Loader suitable for use with the NFWrite tool to verify data integrity. Initial Program Loader MD5Sum

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