Smokey Introduction


Smokey is a small ARM GNU/Linux based distribution intended to be run from the flash storage available on many of Simtec's products such as the IM2440D20.

Smokey allows the creation of small application specific binary open source distributions. The distribution can be limited to command line tools and daemons, or can be extended all the way to a full graphical system including a web browser, terminal program, file manager and various other tools.

The final product is a filesystem image (JFFS2) which may be written to the NAND flash of the target platform. ABLE is capable of starting the OS directly from the flash partition. The default boot image supplied with the IM2440D20 modules on (flash2) is an example Smokey image.

Smokey is based on the Poky Linux distribution created by OpenedHand Ltd. Poky is itself based on the OpenEmbedded Linux distribution.

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