Buildroot Introduction

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Buildroot provides a configurable framework for creating custom Linux images to be used in embedded applications where resources are at a premium. It includes a wide variety of pre-packaged build options, which can be extended by the user. The build requires no special privileges for security, and can cross-compile to speed the development process.

Simtec have provided a customised version of Buildroot and example configurations as an aide to customers wishing to create their own specific systems.

Buildroot provides a framework of scripts, makefiles and configuration controls to allow the user to customise a build, and add their own packages as required. It is based on uClibc and busybox to optimise space requirements.

Buildroot looks after building the compiler and base libraries, as well as fetching the source to the selected packages to minimise the number of tasks for the user. It also carries patches which are automatically applied to the unpacked source for any known issues.

Buildroot contains a menu based package and build configuration system, allowing the customisation of packages built, debugging options and target selection.

There is no requirement that the user have any root privileges on the build machine, ensuring that it does not introduce any extra administration problems.

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