console.write — Default Console output stream


Determines where console output will be sent. See for details on setting the read stream. Note the read and write sources do not have to be "balanced" and may be mixed as required e.g. write set to vga and read set to serial.

There are three console drivers available on every platform, the null driver which redirects all ABLE output nowhere so it is not seen, the all-wr driver which sends all console output to any console driver capable of displaying it and the serial driver which sends output to the console serial port (typically the first serial port on a system).

Full details on controlling the console system can be found in Chapter 5, ABLE Console.

The default, where no nvram variable is set, on all platforms since ABLE version 1.79 is the all-wr target.


This Variable has been renamed in ABLE versions 2.20 and later. In previous versions the variable was was called "cons_write".


EB2410ITX additional valid value is s3c2410x-video
EB110ATX additional valid value is vga
EB7500ATX additional valid value is vidc