dhclient — Automatically configure a network interface using DHCP.


dhclient [-k] {interface}



Terminate an extant dhclient instead of starting a new one. Releases the lease.


The interface to start or stop DHCP on.


ABLE is capable of using the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to provide IP, DNS and boot-server configuration information. ABLE can use DHCP on any (or all) of its interfaces on multi-ethernet-device boards.

Example 11.3. Using the dhclient command

This shows the configuration of the first Davicom ethernet device on a board.

>dhclient dm0
DHCP: Attempting network autoconfiguration for dm0.
DHCP: Automatic network configuration for dm0 successful.
DHCP: Address
DHCP: Netmask
DHCP: Gateway
DHCP: Server
DHCP: Next Server
DHCP: DNS Server