20.1. Obtaining a suitable toolchain

Simtec Electronics provide a precompiled GNU toolchain suitable for use with several Linux® distributions. There is currently no support for the Windows® environment. The host systems are assumed to be either 32 or 64bit X86 instruction set machines and the appropriate binary package should be installed.

The currently supported compiler is GCC 4.2.4 with binutils 2.17. Other versions may be provided but these have not yet been verified.

The toolchains are installed in /opt/simtec/tools/ and are available in several packaging formats. The toolchain packages may be downloaded from the Simtec Electronics website or obtained on DVD by request.

The toolchains are generated with the crosstool-ng program. The appropriate source package and configuration files used to generate the compilers have been provided to ensure compliance with the licences of the software.

The packages for and systems are installed using the dpkg command. e.g.

dpkg -i simtec-cross-gcc42-armel_4.2.4-1_amd64.deb

The tar files should be unpacked in the root directory as a super user.

tar -zxf simtec-cross-gcc42-armel_4.2.4.i386.tar.gz -C /