9.2. Loading the Upgrade

The upgrade can be retrieved from any available boot device. Some examples for a EB2410ITX are:

cdrom - (cd0)eb2410itx-romwrite-v220.bin
tftp - (tftpboot)eb2410itx-romwrite-v220.bin
hard disc - (hd0)eb2410itx-romwrite-v220.bin

ABLE can navigate several types of filesystem Section 6.5, “Navigating a filesystem” has more details on how to locate files. Upgrades, because of their transient nature, are typically retrieved from the network using TFTP Chapter 8, Networking details configuring and using network interfaces.

ABLE may need to be moved to execute from memory on some platforms such as the EB7500ATX. This is achieved with the shadow command. If the shadow operation is not performed, then romwrite will prompt the user to issue the shadow command.

Example 9.1. The romwrite command requiring the shadow command

.............................boot: booting 'able app1'
ROM Write: Version 1.00
(c) 2002, 2003 Simtec Electronics

cannot run without ABLE shadowed.
use the 'shadow' command and then re-run this application