Cirrus Logic PS7500FE SDRAM controller Introduction

Simtec IP7500SDRAM block diagramThe Cirrus Logic PS7500FE processor was designed to use Fast Page Mode (FPM) and Extended Data Out (EDO) memory devices. Memory technology has advanced and current Synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) devices are more cost effective. As a result, manufacturers are discontinuing the production of EDO devices, increasing the costs further.

In order to avoid this cost penalty and potential supply problem, this separate memory controller can be implemented in order to use standard SDRAM devices.

Hardware Description

This SDRAM Controller core can be fitted in a small CPLD, such as the Xilinx XC9572-5-VQ64 :

FeatureUsageUsage (%)
Product Terms204/36056
Function Block Inputs89/21641

This SDRAM controller design supports :

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