Samsung 2440 Integrated Module Specification

Front side of IM2440D20 module

Hardware Specification

specification subject to change and is provided as guidance only

Module Features
Processor SamsungS3C2440 - 300/400MHz ARM920T SOC 400MHz 400MHz 300MHz
Memory SDRAM 133MHz Mobile SDRAM (up to 256MB) 128MB 64MB 64MB
NAND flash Site for one 48Pin TSOP devices (up to 4Gbit) 2048Mbit256MBit128Mbit
I2C Serial EEPROMSite for one SO8 devices for non volatile storage (up to 256Kbit each) 32Kbit 32Kbit 32Kbit
Video direct access to ARM 9 24bit Video output Yes Yes Yes
Peripherals USB Host ports 2 2 2
Device port - replaces one host, onboard software termination 1 1 1
Serial RS232 with full control signals 2 2 2
RS232 RX/TX only 1 1 1
GPIO Up to 20 IRQ capable pins Yes Yes Yes
Up to 70 pins shared with special functions Yes Yes Yes
PWM Channels 4 4 4
I2S Audio interconnect Yes Yes Yes
AC97 Audio interconnect Yes Yes Yes
SD/MMC Single channel Yes Yes Yes
ADC Channels 8 8 8
Touchscreen Dual channel (x/y) resistive Yes Yes Yes
RTC external battery input 1.8 - 3.6V Yes Yes Yes
SPI DMA driven from 2440 Yes Yes Yes
Camera IF Optional connector No No No
Expansion Software re-configurable 8/16/32 bit expansion bus using on board zero-power CPLD. Yes Yes Yes
Buffered data bus, control signals and address bus for reduced EMC and 5V tolerance. Yes Yes Yes
JTAG All necessary JTAG signals to communicate with the 2440 and system CPLD. Yes Yes Yes
Power Single 3.3V or 5V input Yes Yes Yes
Output supply 400mA @ 3.3V Yes Yes Yes
Programmable 4.2v linear Li-Ion battery charger, when 5V input is used Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions Low profile 200 pin SO-DIMM module socket (32mm x 67mm) Yes Yes Yes

Power Usage

Practical measurement of a Gold specification modules worst case power usage, its CPU running at 400MHz and 128MB of memory clocked at 133MHz, gives a current consumption of 210mA at 3.3V (0.7W) . Slowing the CPU and using the Digital Voltage Scaling(DVS) system can substantialy reduce this. In addition Linux allows for complete suspend to RAM which can reduce standby power usage to very low levels.

This does not account for any use of the output power supply (up to 400mA@3.3V)

All figures are subject to a 1% measurement accuracy and are for guidance purposes only.

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