Samsung 2440 Integrated Module Introduction

Front side of IM2440D20 module

The IM2440D20 contains everything necessary to implement a complete system. It removes the need for a designer to consider any high speed memory system elements, multiple voltage supplies or deal with complex Ball Grid Arrays (BGA). The high level of integration means the typical design need only implement problem specific I/O, Simtec even provide application notes for networking and IDE. This leads to a huge increase in flexibility and vastly reduced time to market.

This module represents a flexible way to use the samsung S3C2440 in an easy to use way. The module can be considered a straightforward component is most I/O designs. The most trivial baseboard which only provided power and sockets for the integrated peripherals would still give a comprehensive system.

block diagram of the IM2440D20 integrated moduleSimtec's commitment to complete solutions means development time for a wide range of embedded solutions can be minimized. The provided software environment allows developers to rapidly progress in the production of the customers target application without spending excessive setup and configuration time.

For applications with a requirement for a more complete operating system Simtec also provide a GNU Debian Linux Operating system installer allowing the full range of Debian packages to be used.

Each module ships with our ABLE bootloader making it simple to configure, load, and boot an OS or application from network, CF, hard disk, CD, NAND, Smart Media or NOR Flash when fitted.

Simtec can of course provide extensive support for every part of you project our range of services encompass every aspect of the process from development of initial concept through to final realization.

Hardware Description

The highly integrated module containing everything necessary to implement a complete system makes it easy to design into a product relieving the headache of high speed memory, multiple voltages and BGAs. This leaves designers free to concentrate on their specific I/O, safe in the knowledge that the proven and tested module is one less problem to consider. To help the designer further, a choice of baseboards for quick module evaluation and application development is available.

Up to 512MB NAND Flash storage (256MB standard) on the module with unlimited off-module storage using NAND or SmartMedia. Processor bootstrap from local or off-module FLASH.

Can supply power to external circuitry. Programmable 4.2v linear Li-Ion battery charger when using 5V supply (option). Real time clock (RTC) with backup battery input. Temperature sensor (option).

Dedicated CMOS camera digital video input (option). Buffered data bus, control signals and address bus for reduced EMC and 5V tolerance. Re-configurable 8/16/32 bit expansion bus using on board zero-power CPLD.

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