Samsung 2440 Integrated Module Availability

Front side of IM2440D20 module
Product codeIM2440D20
StockAvailable from stock.

This product is in production and available to purchase from Simtec. The product code is IM2440D20. Please use this code to unambiguously identify this product when ordering or using our support services.

This product is available from stock.

This product has a complete range of bronze, silver, gold and platinum support options.Full explanation of what each support level represents can be found on the support area.

For ordering details please see General Ordering Options any other queries or special requirements should be directed to the Sales team.

The IM2440D20 is available in three different specifications. The Gold, Silver and Bronze specifications are separate from any support products purchased. The product code has the specification letter suffixed to generate a unique order code.

Order CodeDescriptionQuantity
IM2440D20G Gold specification £115 £104 £87 £69
IM2440D20S Silver specification £99 £89 £74 £59
IM2440D20B Bronze specification £74 £59

NOTE 1: these pricing are for guidance purposes only, please contact Simtec for a quote.

A platinum build incurs a flat fee of £250 for setup costs, this is in addition to the per unit costs. There is no minimum order quantity for this service, however it is not usually economic below 50 units.

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