SA110 PCI module Introduction

descriptionThe SA110 PCI module is a SO-DIMM footprint module based around the Intel 21281 SA110 StrongARM and the 21285 support chip. The module includes 64MB SDRAM, measures less than 75mm by 75mm and has a power consumption of less than 2W.

This module is ideal for embedded systems requiring a high performance CPU, in the smallest possible space and minimal power consumption.

If this board does not suit your exact requirements, it can be used as an evaluation board to allow rapid prototyping of a proposed design and will allow software development to commence prior to a complete custom design being undertaken.

Hardware Description

Standard board features include:

Software Description

The board is supplied complete with our Cyclone firmware, ready to boot your chosen operating system. We can provide suitable ARMLinux and NetBSD distributions.

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