Cirrus 7500FE Evaluation Board Firmware

View of the front left of the board


ABLE is Simtec's advanced board firmware and bootloader. It is cross platform and is being actively developed for all Simtec boards.

The EB7500ATX board is equipped with multiple NOR based flash which are used to boot ABLE.

The current version of ABLE for the EB7500ATX is 2.55. The changelog details the changes in this release. Before upgrading please ensure any changes are suitable for your requirements. Simtec try to ensure there are no regressions from release to release, however it is up to the user to ensure that there are no known issues with a given release which may adversely affect them. This must be done prior to upgrading a board as, if the upgrade fails, the board may be left in a state where booting is not possible.

Several tools are available which provide extra functionality not built into ABLE. These tools and their documentation are available from the ABLE resources section.

The raw ABLE binary that can be programed into flash with the ROMWrite tool (or if needed, with an EEPROM programmer). This binary can also be soft loaded with Reloader. Binary file
The ABLE romwrite application with the latest version of ABLE built in. This is for upgrading systems booting from NOR flash. Binary file
ABLE User Guide Hypertext markup file Portable Document File
ABLE FAQ Hypertext markup file
ABLE Changelog Hypertext markup file Portable Document File

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