OKI 675001 Module Specification

Two EB675001DIP modules top view

Hardware Specification

The board is currently available in three standard configurations and fully custom platinum boards can be manufactured on request. There is no minimum quantity for a Platinum board but it is normally only cost effective for 25-50 units or more. For more information on a customised board, please contact sales.

The full feature list and the included items in the standard configurations are listed below:

Board Features
Feature Specification Gold Silver Bronze
Processor OKI MCU60MHz ML67500160MHz ML67500160MHz ML675001
Memory SDRAM 16/32/64MB 32MB No No
Internal NOR Flash Up to 256KB No No No
External NOR FlashUp to 8MB device4MB4MB2MB
Internal SRAM32KB32KB32KB
External SRAM Up to 512KB No 256KB No
I2C Serial EEPROMSites for one SO8 device for non volatile storage (up to 256Kbit)8Kbit8Kbit8Kbit
Programmable logicSystem controllerYesYesYes
User Xilinx XL9572XL Yes No No
NetworkDavicom 10/100Mb controller with wake on LANYesYesNo
PortsOne fully buffered RS232 serial port (9 pin D-Sub)YesYesYes
Power3V Li coin cell holder for RTC and external SRAMOptionOptionNo
Input voltage4.5V - 15V4.5V - 15V4.5V - 15V
ExpansionMulti-ICE compatible JTAG headerYesYesYes
30 5V tolerant GPIO or SFR lines
  • 2nd serial port - 5v tolerant lvttl level
  • 7 16-bit timers
  • 2 16-bit PWM channels
  • watch-dog timer
  • SIO
  • I2C
  • 4 10-bit ADC channels
  • 2 DMA channels
40 lines available from user Xilinx XL9572XL, some available configurations are:
  • 16-bit ISA bus and 11 GPIO pins.
  • PC104
  • 8 bit parallel/printer port
  • stepper and h-bridge motor control
  • quadrature shaft encoder input
Dimensions1.55"x3.65" (40mm x 93mm)YesYesYes

Power Usage

The module may be powered either with a direct regulated 3.3V supply capable of provinding 0.5A or by a linearly regulated input with a range of 4.5V - 15V. Practical measurements taken from a gold specification module running uCLinux with active networking, serial and basic user CPLD code loaded gives a baseline current draw of 0.39A at 3.3V (1.29W).

Graph of power usage against input voltageMeasurements using the linearly regulated input give the expected results of a 0.39A current usage at any point of the acceptable input voltage range, the excess power being dissipated as heat into the modules ground plane.

All figures are subject to a 1% measurement accuracy and are for guidance purposes only.

Software Specification

A comprehensive suite of software including uCLinux is provided along with our ABLE bootloader. These software offerings require SDRAM to run and hence are only available on configurations with SDRAM. The non SDRAM modules can still run user code as required from their SRAM. All specifications have NOR flash allowing programs and data to be stored in non volatile memory.

Software Features
Serial downloader Yes Yes Yes
ABLE Yes No No
UCLinux Yes No No

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