OKI 675001 Module Firmware

Two EB675001DIP modules top view

Some variants of this module have the ability to run uClinux or one of various other embedded operating systems. Simtec provide suitable firmware for booting these operating systems in a familiar way.


ABLE is Simtec's advanced board firmware and bootloader. It is cross platform and is being actively developed for all Simtec boards.

The EB675001DIP board is equipped with NOR based flash which is typically used to boot ABLE.

The current version of ABLE for the EB675001DIP is 2.54. The changelog details the changes in this release. Before upgrading please ensure any changes are suitable for your requirements. Simtec try to ensure there are no regressions from release to release, however it is up to the user to ensure that there are no known issues with a given release which may adversely affect them.

Several tools are available which provide extra functionality not built into ABLE. These tools and their documentation are available from the ABLE resources section.

The raw ABLE binary that can be programed into flash with the ROMWrite tool (or if needed, with a JTAG programmer). Binary file
The ABLE romwrite application with the latest version of ABLE built in. This is for upgrading systems booting from NOR flash. Binary file
The raw ABLE binary that can be RAM loaded. This version suitable for booting a system using the downloader tool. Binary file
ABLE User Guide Hypertext markup file Portable Document File
ABLE FAQ Hypertext markup file
ABLE Changelog Hypertext markup file Portable Document File


These tools are specifically for the EB675001DIP and are provided in addition to the ones provided in the ABLE resources section.


The playxsvf program removes the need for an external JTAG programmer to program the user CPLD. Simply generate an XSVF file with the Xilinx webpack tools and use playxsvf from the ABLE command line to program the user CPLD. A pre generated xsvf file is provided with the empty user CPLD template code.

The current version of the playxsvf tool is 1.00 which is provided as a single binary file suitable for use with ABLE version 1.84 or later.

ABLE Playxsvf Binary file
Empty user CPLD XSVF file XSVF file
ABLE Playxsvf User Guide Hypertext markup file Portable Document File

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