Samsung 2410 Evaluation Board Specification

Gold board front right

Hardware Specification

The board is currenty available in three standard configurations and fully custom platinum boards can be manufactured on request. There is no minimum quantity for a Platinum board but it is normally only cost effective for 25-50 units or more. For more information on a customised board, please contact sales.

The full feature list and the included items in the standard configurations are listed below:

Board Features
Feature SpecificationGoldSilverBronze
Processor SamsungS3C2410A - 200/266MHz ARM920T SOC266MHz266MHz266MHz
Memory SDRAM 32/64/128/256MB 128MB 64MB 32MB
NOR Flash Up to 64Mbit single boot device 2MB 2MB 2MB
NAND flash Sites for three 48Pin TSOP 1 devices None None None
SmartmediaHot swap card slotYesYesNo
EEPROM Sites for two SO8 I2C Serial devices for non volatile storage (up to 256Kbit each) 8Kbit 8Kbit 8Kbit
VideoStandard 15pin VGA (including DDC)YesNoNo
Four pin mini-din S-Video connectorYesNoNo
Internal header for composite video(PAL and NTSC), S-Video and RGBYesNoNo
Single channel LVDS connector for LCD panels No No No
Software control of LCD CCFL panel backlightYesNoNo
Header for direct access to ARM 9 24bit Video outputYesYesNo
AudioI2S codecYesYesNo
System Beep
Line in
CD in
Microphone in
Line out
1.1W mono amplifier
Headphone out
NetworkAsix 10/100Mb controller with parallel portYesNoNo
Davicom 10/100Mb controller with wake on LANYesYesYes
Ports2 USB host ports with ESD discharge and over-current protection and software controlled power switching and current limiting2 host2 host2 host
Optional USB device portNoNoNo
SPP,EPP, ECP Parallel portYesNoNo
Five serial ports (Up to three buffered RS232 at any one time)533
IR port supporting SIR, MIR, FIR and Consumer IR with header for IRDA and FIR donglesPC97338ARM9 onlyARM9 only
Onboard IR transceiverNoNoNo
StoragePrimary IDE channel standard 40way connector with DMAYesYesYes
Secondary IDE channel standard 44way 2mm connector with DMAYesYesYes
PowerATX Power connectorYesYesYes
Auxiliary power connector for custom PSUYesYesYes
Software controlled power managementYesYesYes
Suspend and power down of CPU coreYesYesYes
3V Li coin cell for RTCYesYesYes
Input voltage measurementYesYesYes
Maximum power consumption of configuration2.3W1.8W1.5W
ExpansionMulti-ICE compatible 20Pin JTAG headerYesYesYes
Keyboard matrix scan (8x13)YesYesYes
MMC/SD signalsYesYesYes
IRDA headerYesYesYes
GPIO (over 50 lines available)YesYesYes
5v and 3.3v compatible I2C and SMbus headersYesYesYes
8Bit expansion for lcd module with current limited backlight and software controlled brightnessYesYesYes
DimensionsMini ITX format 6.7"x6.75" (170mm x 171mm)YesYesYes


A fully specified platinum board with CPU clocked at 202MHz, memory bus at 101MHz , 256MB of SDRAM and all options fitted was used to profile the worst case power usage with no USB peripherals fitted. All figures are subject to a 1% measurement accuracy and are for guidance purposes only.

Tested ConfigurationCurrent from 3.3VCurrent from 5VTotal power usage
serial + both network ports + video500mA167mA 2.49W
serial + one network port + video 435mA 167mA 2.27W
serial + both network ports 425mA 56mA 1.68W
serial + one network port 360mA 56mA 1.47W
serial only275mA 56mA 1.19W

Software Specification

Basic bronze level software includes the ABLE bootloader and Linux kernel ports.

Windows CE is available as a chargable software resource.

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