2.2. Samsung S3C2410 SOC

The S3C2410 is a 272 ball fine pitch Ball Grid Array (BGA) device from Samsung. The large number of peripherals within the device give flexibility to the user and the ability to use numerous I/O solutions without additional controllers. The S3C2410 has a full MMU and high bandwidth memory system allowing a range of standard operating systems to be run. The S3C2410 has a Harvard architecture 16KByte Data/16KByte instruction cache which further improves performance. The power management systems within the SOC allow for very flexible power control and with a typical power usage of 0.3W at 266MHz operating speeds contributes towards the EB2410ITX low overall power consumption.

Simtec provide Debian GNU/Linux as standard which provides a full development environment identical in look and feel to an x86 install of Debian GNU/Linux.

The large number of peripherals and interfaces are summarised as follows:

For further details on the S3C2410 please consult the Samsung S3C2410 User manual