StrongARM 110 Evaluation Board Compatability

Rear view of the SA 110 Evaluation Board
The StrongARM 110 Evaluation Board has been tested with several expansion cards.

Compatible products

Hardware compatibility
DescriptionSimtec referenceTested ByTested DateComments
PCI Graphics cards
TNT2 M64 chipsetSimtecDecember 2001Linux framebuffer support
SiS6326 chipsetSimtecJuly 2001Linux framebuffer support
TVIA 5300 chipsetEB5300PCISimtecMarch 2002Linux X server available, includes digitiser and audio.
Network cards
NE2000 compatible 10Mb ISASimtecFebruary 1997
Asix 10/100Mb ISAEB88796ISASimtecDecember 2001Linux driver available
NE2000 compatible 10Mb PCISimtecFebruary 1997
Tulip based 10/100Mb PCISimtecAugust 1997
Tulip based quad 10/100Mb PCISimtecFebruary 2001

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