'DePicture' Touch-screen Tablet Baseboard Specification

Screen side

Specifications are subject to change and is provided as guidance only

Board Features
Module Simtec IM-D20 module socket Yes
Video URT LCD Display with touch panel Optional 5.7"
Peripherals USB Host ports 2
Device port - replaces one host, on-board software termination 1
Serial RS232 with full control signals 1
LVTTL with control signals 1
SD/MMC Full SD slot with card detect Yes
Ethernet Standard IEEE 802 10/100 Mbit interface provided by a DM9000A controller. Yes
ZigBee Standard IEEE 802.15.4 low power networking provided by a Jennic JN5139r1 module. Optional
Audio TLV320AIC23 codec Yes
Simple mono speaker amplifier Yes
ADCs With potentiometers 2
RTC External battery input 1.8 - 3.6V Yes
Accelerometer Bosch SMB320 Yes
JTAG All necessary JTAG signals to communicate with the 2440 and system CPLD. Yes
Power Single 5V input (also powerable from USB device port) Yes
Dimensions Eurocard sized with cutouts for LCD wiring. (100mm x 160mm) Yes

Power Usage

Practical worst-case measurement of a full-specification board with all options power usage, with a gold specification IM2440D20, its CPU running at 400MHz and 256MB of memory clocked at 133MHz, playing sound, accessing the network and with the screen at full brightness gives a current consumption of 750mA at 5V (3.75W) . Slowing the CPU and using the Digital Voltage Scaling (DVS) system can substantially reduce this, as can turning the ethernet off and not playing sounds as loudly or at all. In addition Linux allows for complete suspend to RAM which can reduce standby power usage to very low levels.

All figures are subject to a 1% measurement accuracy and are for guidance purposes only.

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