Integrated module thin client base board Specification

Front right hand side corner of the BBD20EUROA

Specifications are subject to change and is provided as guidance only

Board Features
Module Simtec IM-D20 module socket Yes
Video SM501 Silicon Motion SM501 accelerated video processor Yes
VGA port Analogue 15pin D-sub VGA port (SM501 integrated DAC) Yes
VGA header Analogue VGA port header via Chrontel DAC (SM501 second channel) Yes
Digital header SM501 second channel presented as full set of digital signals on pin header (use with additional LVS or DVI encoder) Yes
Module video Module digital video presented to a SM501 zoom video input. Yes
IDE 2.5inch 40 way standard header. Yes
2.5inch 40 way direct board mount drive header. Yes
Peripherals USB Host ports 4
Internal device port on-board software termination 1
Serial RS232 with full control signals 1
LVTTL with control signals 1
10/100 Ethernet Asix Yes
Audio TLV320AIC23 codec Yes
Simple mono speaker amplifier Yes
RTC Onboard coin cell battery Yes
JTAG All necessary JTAG signals to communicate with the Integrated module and system logic. Yes
Power Single 5V input. Yes
Dimensions Eurocard size. (100mm x 160mm) Yes

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