Integrated module base board Introduction

plan view of the BBD2016A

The BBD2016A provides a flexible general purpose embedded computing platform. It provides a large amount of peripheral I/O functionality, including basic video, audio, PCMCIA and storage options. The relatively small board size (160mm x 160mm) combined with this flexible I/O allows for integration into a number of application areas.

This board provides peripheral I/O for any Simtec 200pin SODIMM integrated modules, such as the IM2440D20. The peripherals provided include 10/100Mbit networking, PCMCIA, IDE, smartmedia, MMC, audio, LCD module, USB, video (VGA/TV/LVDS), RS232 serial, parallel and IRDA. A robust flexible power supply allows the board to be used in numerous applications including automotive and industrial settings.

block diagram of the BBD2016A systemModular design ensures when the board is used as an integrator solution, costs can be saved simply by omitting the unnecessary functionality.

Simtec's commitment to complete solutions means development time for a wide range of embedded solutions can be minimised. The supplied support CD comes with a complete cross compiling GNU toolchain which is configured to produce example embedded applications, including an electronic picture frame, simple thin client web browser, NAS unit and E-book reader. This environment allows developers to rapidly progress in the production of the customers target application without spending excessive setup and configuration time.

For applications with a requirement for a more complete operating system Simtec also provide a GNU Debian Linux Operating system installer allowing the full range of Debian packages to be used.

Simtec can of course provide extensive support for every part of you project our range of services encompass every aspect of the process from development of initial concept through to final realisation.

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