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Support for this product is provided directly to end customers through our partners.

Developer and partner support is provided directly by Simtec. Developer packs, which include full support, may be purchased directly by contacting Simtec Sales.

In addition non-professional development is supported through the RISC OS USB web site.


An update to version 2.01 (10th December 2003) of the core stack is now available.
Issues fixed with this release (full changelog)

An update to this release is recommended for all users.

To re-program the podule flash with up to date modules !Snafu 1.68 is required. This is included in the USB software update archive.

The USB system requires a Universal boot sequence to be installed.


The version 2.01 libraries and headers are available for developers (10th December 2003).


Hardware installation instructions [PDF]

Developer documentation is available as a compressed collection of html files. [HTML-TAR]

A presentation about USB on RISC OS. These are the slides, hence the basis, of the talks given by Simtec at several venues on behalf of our resellers. [HTML]

Online Support

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